Penis enlargement with weight

how to enlarge the penis

Penis enlargement by weight refers to one of the popular methods that have been known since ancient Egypt and are widely used among the Aborigines. Modern men do not use this method for initiation purposes, but for personal purposes to avoid surgery. However, the technology only works at home if the instructions are followed exactly.

When the load is applied

The male genital organ is extended by hanging a load. However, the size does not change in width. This means that hanging is applicable when a slight increase in length is required, so losing the width is not a concern.

Most often people use penis enlargement with weights if they are subjectively dissatisfied with the appearance of their organ or the quality of their intimate life. If there are no medical recommendations for surgery, you can try to find an alternative.

Types of suspensions

The method is known as a hanger in ordinary people. Due to the smooth application of the technology, the success of the process is guaranteed. Starting with a small weight, the burden on the organ gradually increases.

Mechanical method

The mechanical method of hanging a load is trivial, which can only hurt without knowledge and training. During the execution, the man is in one of the comfortable positions: lying, sitting, sideways. Changing positions are also possible.

Actions to take:

  • The ureter should not contain any excess fluid. So you should relieve yourself and stop drinking for a few hours after the procedure.
  • The penis heats up, but an erection is not achieved.
  • The tissue is pulled at the base of the organ and wrapped in a narrow bandage.
  • soft material is used so as not to damage sensitive skin;
  • attaches a weight to the rope;
  • A soft material is wrapped around the penis slightly below the head and fixed with a plaster. You can also use special hooks attached to the elastic fabric;
  • The weight is gradually released from the hands until a slight discomfort is felt. However, it must be ensured that the object hangs freely and without outside support.

The mechanical penis enlargement with a load is carried out daily. It starts at 40 minutes, after which this period is increased to one hour. The technique is applied for several months if there is no deterioration.

The vacuum suspension of the load is done with a different approach. Wrap the head with soft tape before attaching the cap. This prevents blistering in the sensitive penis. Next, the sleeve is fixed with a vacuum for 20 minutes. The approach is repeated after 15 minutes. This technique is carried out for an hour a day.

What is included in the vacuum enlargement:

  • winding;
  • cap to match the head;
  • holding sleeve

Normally, such a load is sold in specialty stores because the cap is selected according to the size of the penis head. It is preferable to buy a device with a silicone case.

Important.No complaints should arise during the procedure. If the sensations are uncomfortable, the process should be completed. It is recommended that the actions be stopped for a few hours.

How to enlarge an element with a load

Weighing loads at home is done in the following order:

  • To avoid unpleasant sensations and urge to urinate, you have to empty before the procedure.
  • The penis is warmed up with a massage with oils and warm water. No erection is induced.
  • The trunk of the organ is wrapped in cotton material.
  • A weight is attached to the relaxed penis. It is important that you install it correctly: the head is exposed so that the skin does not stretch, and then a weight is placed 2-3 cm above the head.
  • The weight is selected individually: from 0. 2 g, but not more than one kilogram.
  • 15 to 20 minutes, which are divided into two approaches, are sufficient for one approach.
  • In parallel to the rest, massage movements are carried out for 10-15 minutes to improve blood circulation.
  • Take daily breaks: at least 1 rest day with three training days.

For long training sessions you need a program like the following:

  • the first 30 days of execution - the load gradually increases to 1. 2 kg with a total suspension time of up to 40 minutes;
  • 30-60 days - weight gain from 1. 2 kg to 2. 8 with a total time of 50 minutes;
  • 60-90 days - weight increases up to 4 kg and weight - up to 55 minutes;
  • After the fourth month, a weight gain of 4. 5 kg is available and the exercises are carried out for one hour.

Important.During exercise, the weight should not swing while it is suspended, as this can cause injury.

The extension is gradual because there is a risk of scars and other damage. The phallus can contract in this way, but cannot lengthen.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis by weight

The result can depend on the following factors:

  • Physiology of men. When a person grows quickly and has a good metabolism, the penis grows faster.
  • time. The first result is visible after a few months, so persistence is required.
  • regularity. The process is carried out strictly according to the schedule with no deviations.

With this method you can enlarge the penis by no more than 2 cm in six months.

Compared to other home methods, these exercises are based on understanding the structure of a man's penis. If you apply some additional exercises, the organ will not only be elongated with a weight, but also thicker. In addition to the main method, additional exercises can be tested to consolidate the result and maintain blood flow.

Additional exercises

As additional methods in addition to freight, the following actions are carried out:

  • stretch;
  • Flexion;
  • pull.

Each of them has its own characteristics.


Stretching is one of the simple and painless weight-like methods. The heated genital organ is picked up by the head and then stretched at different angles. It is not recommended to increase the impact force if the suspension is already used as the main method. A session can last 10 minutes before going to bed.

Seat Pulls

For such an exercise you need an organ that is not fully aroused. The technique is to first pull the penis down and then back, and then the man has to sit on the penis. Thanks to such actions, not only the base of the penis increases, but also the diameter. The mechanism of action is as follows: The pressure on the blood flow increases


Exercise requires an incompletely erect organ. The penis is bent in different directions so that there are no severe complaints. If pain occurs during the manipulation, the actions are stopped. Otherwise the tissue can be injured.

advantages and disadvantages

It can have negative consequences if the male limb is enlarged using the weight suspension technique. Therefore, those who are afraid of surgery will resort to such a procedure. Many are also afraid that the result will only become visible after a few months. The exercises are done at home. Specialty shops sell special tools with instructions.

The positive aspects of the method are as follows:

  • minimal cooking costs;
  • The genital organ increases by 2 cm

But there are also negative sides:

  • It takes at least 3 months until the result is actually visible.
  • Stretching reduces sensitivity;
  • Discomfort or pain can occur with prolonged stress on the penis.
  • increased risk of injury to the phallus;
  • If the blood flow is impaired due to manipulation, problems with the erection can occur.

Phallic enlargement is dangerous because it can result in injury until the organ is completely inactive. It is therefore recommended to consult a specialist before self-medication.