What exercises are designed to enlarge the penis at home and how does massage help?

So it came about that the main dignity of a person is not only intelligence or strength, but also the reproductive organ. Nature has endowed some men with a penis of sufficient size, while others suffer from low confidence in their masculine powers, consider their phallus not long or thick enough, and are interested in how the penis can be enlarged, whether it be at homecan be made stronger. There are many techniques for solving this problem. The most affordable are massages and penis enlargement exercises.

Exercise to enlarge the penis

Would improve

Of course, before doing exercises at home to increase the thickness and length of the penis, it is worth considering whether they are psychological complexes. The normal numbers are as follows: the thickness is 3 to 4 cm, and the length when erect is 12 to 16 cm. If the number of men matches these indicators, then there is nothing to worry about. If there is a problem, it is worth considering a homemade massage to increase the thickness or length. You also need to consider the factors that some men cannot do massages and exercises that can enlarge the penis. The:

  • Injuries, surgery, neoplasms.
  • Pustular, infectious and venereal diseases.
  • Age under 16 years.

For training, you need to prepare a soft terry towel, lubricant and hot water, read the literature or videos on how to do exercises to increase the strength of the phallus. A tape measure, notebook, and pencil are needed to measure masculinity and correct size changes. To enlarge the phallus are used:

  • Actions to stretch muscles, massage.
  • Strengthening the blood filling of the cavern body.
  • Kegel exercises.
  • Power or circular trains.
  • Jelqing.

It is advisable that there are no distractions during the class.


Muscle stretching is aimed at slightly lengthening and enlarging the penis. Before starting the exercises, it is worth warming up the penis with a towel soaked in hot water (careful not to burn the skin). The hot compress should be held for 10-15 minutes. At the same time as warming up, it is advisable to do a light massage. After warming up, grasp the base of the head with your fingers and gently pull it 1-1. 5 cm, hold for a few minutes, then gently release, reheat and massage gently. To enlarge the male organ, repeat the process up to 20 times, focusing on sensations.

Warming up the penis in the shower before doing penis enlargement exercises

Warm up your penis before exercising.

An important condition: stretching exercises are only performed when the penis is relaxed so as not to be injured.

For blood flow

The exercise aims to increase the blood supply to the tissues of the penis. It is advisable to do the exercise with a full erection, but very carefully so as not to injure yourself. To do this, you need to grasp the base of the organ with one hand and the head with the other, making circular movements very carefully, e. g. B. Press, turn a towel. The exercise should not be repeated for more than five minutes twice a week. If the slightest feeling of pain occurs, training is prohibited.

Kegel's help

Kegel exercises do not significantly enlarge the penis, but they do add blood flow to the corpus cavernosum. Exercising the tension of the pelvic muscles, followed by grasping and stretching the head, increases erection and improves orgasm in a man. The homework technique is to contract and relax the pubococcygeal muscle. The exercise is carried out at least twice a day, doing fifteen approaches.

Be sure to follow the breathing technique, breathe in and out through your nose during muscle contraction and relaxation. In order to achieve the maximum effect, Kegel gymnastics should be carried out in combination with massage and other training.

Pulling power

Exercises for raising and stretching are performed while seated. Before the procedure, you need to warm up the penis and use a lubricant. Then, grab the head of the penis with your fingers, pulling it towards you, twisting the organ left and right, making intervals between revolutions in a few seconds. In order to enlarge the penis, it is advisable to do 5-6 approaches a day. You may experience slight discomfort during the procedure. In no case should the occurrence of pain be allowed. Severe pain engulfing the penis is an immediate reason to see a doctor.

Lubricant for stretching exercises to enlarge the penis

When pulling the penis forcefully, it is imperative to use lubricant.

Circular train

You can make your penis stronger with a circular pull that is similar to a strength exercise. The difference is that when the penis is withdrawn, the movements are clockwise. The main condition in performing this technique of increasing manhood is to do at least 20 revolutions in one lesson. It is advisable to combine circular stretching with other types of force stretching and massage. Some men claim that this way, in a month of home exercise, you can enlarge the penis by 1-2 cm.


Jelqing is a technique used to increase the size, volume, and mass of the penis. Based on pushing blood from the pubic bone to the head. It is important to warm up the penis well before jelqing. Then try to achieve an incomplete erection, grab the phallus with two fingers, squeeze a little and slowly move your hand over the organ. Hand pressure shouldn't cause pain. To make the penis bigger, you can do a small twitch of half a second at regular intervals. This slight stretch allows you to increase the size quickly. To enlarge the base of the phallus, you can invert jelqs (from the head to the pubic bone).

The first time jelqing is performed, a lubricant (lubricant) is required to avoid causing damage and inflammation to sensitive skin. To enlarge the penis, it is advisable to jelq for at least 10 minutes a day.

You can increase male dignity with a variety of exercises. Many at home penis enlargement exercises are effective and virtually safe. It is better not to do exercises with a load or pump, as there is a risk of serious injury. To better master the training method, you can watch a video on penis enlargement on the websites of urologists and sex therapists. You can find and read books on this burning topic on the internet. One of the great authors - Aaron Kemmer - wrote a great bestseller about what penis enlargement exercises can be done at home. The impossible is possible. A man who exercises constantly increases his phallus over time, increases self-esteem, and gives half of his person a pleasant minute of intercourse.